Buffo's Wake News

Pledge To Us!

We’ve been in and out of the studio for the last couple of months recording our follow up album. 14 tracks of pure, crazy unadultered prog-balkan weirdness. We are super excited to release it, but unless we meet our pledge target, we may not be able to finish it (at least not how we would like to!) Still to be… ...Read More

New Year + Exciting announcements soon

We know its been pretty quiet on the Buffo’s Wake front recently, but we have some VERY EXCITING NEWS coming up that we will be announcing soon! Sign up to our mailing list (just above this message) to be the first to hear about upcoming gigs, news and announcements. We promise we’ve been busy! ...Read More

Another year another tour!

Well, that was some tour! We’ve been back for a few weeks now and still barely recovered, and I’m not sure our livers will ever be the same again. We met and made hundreds of new friends, caught up with some good old ones, danced, sung and made merry in the four corners of Europe. We threw molotovs in Amsterdam,… ...Read More

Winter is coming..

Well our Autumn and Winter tour is shaping up to be pretty special! Share this around and come out to see us at a show. We promise not to bite. X SEPTEMBER 30th – Contraband Circus: Ed cox Buffos Wake E-coli Osh kosh B2B Dub-Liner, Blue Mountain Club, Bristol OCTOBER 7th – Bare Safe prsnts: The Turbans, Mr Tea &… ...Read More

Welcome Back!

Its been pretty quiet on the Buffo’s Wake front recently, with the exception of a few low key gigs, and some ridiculously banging sets at Balter Festival and Heart of Devon, but now we have a couple of new musicians in the mix, a bag of new songs, a Summer of gigs ahead of us and an album to get… ...Read More

Happy New Year from Buffos Wake!

Well, the Phoenix on NYE smashed it hard, with the excellent Slamboree, Crinkle Cuts and King Lagoons Flying Swordfish Dance band. We got to live out our dreams of rockstardom by smashing guitars, driving a sports car and trashing a hotel room all in one night. And with that epic night, 2015 comes to a close. A year thats going to prove… ...Read More

Buffos Wake Winter Tour!

And with the Autumn Equinox in the air, we’re calling time on the Buffo’s Wake Summer Tour. Its been an incredible, exhausting and exhilarating Summer. We’ve been all over Europe, from Scandanavia to Spain, Croatia to Cornwall, and just about made it back in one piece, with the scars to prove it. There are so so many people we want… ...Read More

Coming to a town near you, this Summer...

We have been busy working on a new set and putting together this incredibly hectic Summer of Gypsy Punk Madness to satisfy your cravings (and our itchy feet). We are really excited to be invited in some of the UK’s best festivals this year, including Mischief, Glastonbury, Way Out West and Surplus. And that’s just the UK! So please spread… ...Read More

Big Up Yourself Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last week we arrived back from our mammoth European tour beaten, bruised and full of booze. A massive thank you to everyone came to our shows, gave us shots, danced with us, booked us, let us sleep on their floors, tried to feed us bear, fixed our van, bought our album, showed us castles, took us to the cinema,… ...Read More

February Tour and UK Festivals!

We can’t think of any better way to pass the cold winter months than dancing along to some insane gypsy punk. For that reason, we’ve put this little tour together for your dancing and listening pleasure. Please help spread the word, and hopefully we will see you at one of these shows in the next few weeks! 29-Jan (BE) Antwerp,… ...Read More