Buffos Wake Winter Tour!

And with the Autumn Equinox in the air, we’re calling time on the Buffo’s Wake Summer Tour. Its been an incredible, exhausting and exhilarating Summer. We’ve been all over Europe, from Scandanavia to Spain, Croatia to Cornwall, and just about made it back in one piece, with the scars to prove it.
There are so so many people we want to (need to!) say thankyou to, but there just isn’t enough time or space in the universe for it all. All the people who have helped us out, booked us shows, danced, stamped and sang along with us, everyone who has played us to a friend, bought a CD, come out in the rain and shine to a show, and anyone who has ever had to put up with our shit – you are the people we live for!
We think we’ve earned ourselves a couple of weeks of rest, while we prepare for this lot – The Buffos Wake ‘House of Cards’ Winter Tour:

9 – The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds W/ Thy Last Drop – Event Page Here

10 – Hot Club de Swing, Birmingham W/ C@ in the H@ + The Rin Tins – Event Page Here
16 – The Golden Lion, Bristol
30 – The Exchange, Bristol W/ Will Tun & the Wasters + Lounge Cat Ideals – Event Page Here
31 – Stranger Than Paradise, Hootananny Brixton W/ support TBA

6 – The Magic Garden, Battersea W/ support TBA
7 – The Gladstone, Brighton
13 – The Maze, Nottingham W/ support TBA
14 – The Portland Arms, Cambridge W/ support TBA
27 – Chaplins & The Cellar Bar, Bournemouth

28 – Kuumba, Basti ram fundraiser, Bristol W/ Barbarella’s Bang Bang +Manushka – Event Page Here


4 – Cult Cafe Bar, Ipswich
5 – Wonderland, Brixton
11 – Rumpus, London W/ Jabul Gorba
12 – ~Gypsy Disco~, Brighton (venue TBC)
18 – The Joker Brighton, Deadgood Speakeasy
19 – Passing Clouds W/ support TBC
20 – The Lamb, Lewes

Spread the word, share the love, see you in the mosh pit!


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