Happy New Year from Buffos Wake!

Well, the Phoenix on NYE smashed it hard, with the excellent Slamboree, Crinkle Cuts and King Lagoons Flying Swordfish Dance band. We got to live out our dreams of rockstardom by smashing guitars, driving a sports car and trashing a hotel room all in one night.

And with that epic night, 2015 comes to a close. A year thats going to prove incredibly hard to beat!

We are taking ourselves a little well deserved rest right now, and seeing where the Summer will take us, and looking back at the best points of a non-stop, packed, exhausting and incredibly fun 2015:


K-Set, Zagreb, February:


Rollende De Keukens, Amsterdam, May:


ISWI, Ilmenau, Germany, June:


Iboga Festival, Valencia, Spain, August:


We’ll be back in Summer guys. See you then.


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